The first record of any educational work in Newcastle dates back to 1874 when a school opened in the Dutch Reformed Church building at Lennexton. This school lasted only until 1878.



Fide Et Fortitudine: With ‘Faith and Courage’… that’s what enables us to move forward in this highly demanding world.


To be a leading school in the Amajuba District, committed to providing holistic, quality and excellent education for a changing world.


To prepare our learners to meet challenges of a dynamic and changing world. To build on our heritage, diversity and values, developing the qualities and strengths of each young individual. To engage with the needs and interests of society and with the challenges of higher education and the workplace.

Principal’s letter

For all parents the education of their children is of the greatest importance and selecting the right school is not an easy task. The benefit of a sound education is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow on your child. It is something he/she cannot lose or have taken away from them. it will greatly influence them realising their potential and will enhance their chances of leading a successful life.

As one of Newcastle’s oldest schools, Newcastle High is acknowledged as one of the leading schools in the Amajuba District. It has offered a quality education to generations of young men and women.

Our aim is to provide each child with the education which will equip them for their future in society to achieve our aim we offer:

  • a relevant education for a changing South Africa.
  • a unique friendly and caring ethos.
  • a demanding yet supportive learning environment.
  • a pupil-centred approach where every learner is provided with opportunities for individual growth.
  • excellent facilities and the latest education technology.
  • a well equipped professional and dedicated teaching staff.
  • a cost effective education.
  • an extensive and highly competitive extracurricular programme.