On the 17th of October 2019, Newcastle High School announced its new prefect body Of 2020! Things started off with the promise of a fantastic future with the Head Boy releasing a statement that he and his fellow teammates were going to do their very best to take the school and the learners to new heights in 2020. The enthusiastic group of Head Prefects follow in the footsteps of the 2019 prefects who left a lasting legacy behind them and they hope to take great strides and leave a legacy that not only impacts NHS but also the community of Newcastle as a whole.

“A team is like a toolset. Not one tool can do all the jobs but anything can be done together,” said Mohammed Moola, Newcastle High’s Head Boy of 2020. “Soaring to new heights can only occur if we work together as a family.”

Hlelelwa Msibi, Head Girl of 2020, warms up to the idea of being a leader by saying, “Most leaders begin as followers. They became great because they were intelligent enough to know when to follow and when to lead. A good leader is a good follower.”

Head Boy of Academics, Kiyash Maharaj, says, “Just as maths is nothing without an equation, a leader is nothing without his team. We are ALL in this together.”

Andiswa Dlamini, Head Girl of Academics, inspires others with her comment, “You are far too smart to be standing in your own way.”

Head Boy of Culture, Iziphozonke Mlambo, says, “Leadership is not recognition or ambition, but it is evolution! Leadership is a centuries-old concept, but it is still fresh and new even to this very day.”

Buhlebothando Dhlamini, Head Girl of Culture, advises, “Don’t ever let power and hate collide because when they do there is no room for love. A great leader loves her people.”

Head Boy of Sports, Nkanyiso Khumalo, says simply, “A leader is nothing without his team. Together we are stronger.”

Anele Mchunu, Head Girl of Sport, boldly proclaims, “Dare to be dangerous. Speak your mind and put your desires forward. Walk tall and gaze forthrightly because you were born to LEAD!”

The prefect body of NHS would also like to wish all the students of Newcastle High the very best of luck in their final examinations

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