Grade 8 applications are now open and the Closing : 29 July 2022 @ 13H00.


Dear parent/guardian of a prospective learner to NHS

Thank you for your interest in our school. Please take note of the following important information regarding all applicants:

Parents can download the form and return the completed form with certified supporting documents to the school.

No incomplete documentation will be accepted by the secretary.
A copy of the admission form will be available at the school at an administration cost of R10.
  1. First language of the learner at his/her current school MUST be ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE.
  2. For a child to be eligible for admission to this school, they must comply with the admissions criteria as determined by the Governing Body.
  3. Acceptance at Newcastle High School is NOT GUARANTEED.
  4.  If any facts reflected in this application form prove to be incorrect, the School reserves the right to reject the application, whether or not the application has been previously accepted. It is an offence to make a false statement about any item pertinent to this application, such as the age and identity of a child, place of residence, guardianship or previous academic achievement.
  5. By making this application for admission to the school, the learner and the parents accept that on such admission, the learner will be bound by the Code of Conduct and Regulations of the School throughout the learners’ stay at the School.
  6. The form must be completed in full by the applicant’s parent/s or legal guardian.
  7. Parent as defined in S.A Schools Act, No. 84 of 1996 is-
    a) The parent or guardian of a learner;
    b) The person legally entitled to custody of a learner; or
    c) The person who undertakes to fulfil the obligations of a person referred to in paragraph (a) and (b) towards the learner’s education at school.
  8. You must submit certified copies of the required documents to the secretary, with the completed application to the secretary.
    Yours faithfully.

Please download the application form and print it. 

Complete all the necessary information and return it to school with the necessary requested documents before the 29th July 2022.

Incomplete documentation will not be accepted.

You must submit certified copies of the required documents in a sealed envelope, with the learner details clearly stated, at the Allen Street gate security box. Please sign for the drop off!!

  1. Certified copy of birth certificate/I.D of learner
  2. Certified copy of latest report
  3. Certified copies of BOTH parents’ ID
  4. Guardianship (if necessary-copy of Court Ruling)-Certified
  5. Electricity Account/Rates Account (latest, original) in parent’s name
  6. 1 Passport size photo of learner

NB: An original declaration must be signed at the school.