The top ten learners at Newcastle High School grades 9-12 were selected to go on an excursion. This excursion had a two-fold purpose. Firstly it was an educational tour that opened our learners’ eyes to many career opportunities. It was also an endeavour that served to reward the top ten learners for their hard work throughout the year and to motivate them to persevere in their studies. On the itinerary was a visit to Albert Luthuli. Here the learners had a chance to engage in many medical related fields. One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity the learners had to assist with medical procedures on a life like robot.

The learners also had a visit to the Howard Campus of The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Here they were briefed on an array of career opportunities and areas of study that they could look into for the future. The excursion also allowed our learners to visit Ushaka Marine world here they had the thrilling experience of watching a dolphin show. Overall the top-ten excursion was thoroughly enjoyed by the bright stars of Newcastle High School. We would like to convey a special thanks to the organisers and teachers who accompanied the learners. We look forward to more endeavours of this nature.

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