On Friday 01 February 2019 our new grade 8 “cubs” were inducted as part of the “Newie” family.
During the function, selected Grade 8 learners entertained the parents and teachers with cultural performances on stage and showcasing their talents.
Our headmaster, Mr M Govender conducted the traditional induction ceremony. Starting with a brief message to the learners, parents and teachers and went on to the official
induction. All grade 8 learners had to repeat the “Newie” pledge that Mr Govender read while holding a lit candle symbolising the grade 8’s that must be a shining light in all aspects
of their lives.

This was followed by blowing out of the candles and for the first time this year the grade 8 learners could put on their school blazers, a moment of utter pride for both learners and
parents. All “Newies”, past and present would like to welcome our new grade 8’s into our family and extend our trust in them to uphold the values, honour and pride of our traditions and the
motto of or school to strive for excellence in all aspects of our school life.

Welcome “Newie” cubs!!!!


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