Newastle High School U16 Boys Hockey Team (4)

By Maxine W. Daubert The beginning of 2019 marked the start of a great upward progression for Newcastle High School’s first and second team boys’ hockey matches. The venue was St. Dominics and the competition was varied and fierce including well-established teams and players from Dundee High, Ferrum High and St. Dominics. Newcastle High had already played their first match against St. Dominics and won, with the winning goal scored by Ubaidullah Moola. Moola is a grade eight learner and it was good to see the difference that fresh blood made to the team. As the tournament progressed, our team continued to do exceptionally well although we did not win every match! There was a ton of cheering and support from the stands when our boys took on Vryheid High’s U16 squad. Our Tigers definitely gave the opposition a run for their money! After the first goal had been scored, it was another grade eight learner, Lumke Jiyane, who scored for our home team. After the initial matches, our Tigers bounced between wins, loss and draws but the grit and fortitude of our players was undeniable. The tournament ended with our first and second  boys’ hockey teams in second place with St. Dominics in first place and Ferrum in third place. Although we did not score first place, our efforts were great. Mr Nagel took great pride in saying, “Our teams made us proud.” But all thanks go out to our supporters, both learners and teachers from NHS. It is great to hear such enthusiastic backing when our boys are on the field.

Newastle High School U16 Boys Hockey Team (2)

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